Kleurschakeringen, nerven of reliëf. 
Elk fineer heeft zijn eigen verhaal.




Sri Lanka, India
Especially Mysore and Haiderabad; subject to high export duties in countries of origin, therefore extremely expensive.


The wood is yellowish to cream in colour. Generally sliced as true quarters which have a beautiful striped pattern. Since Satinwood also often has a bee’s wing mottle. It is an extremely decorative wood which has been used for centuries in making high quality furniture.


The wood is very difficult to saw and plane, interlocked grain and other grain irregularities can lead to imperfect surfaces. Tools become blunt because of the crystalline contents and the great hardness of this wood.

The wood dries slowly and must not be subjected to direct contact with the sun or air draughts. There is a tendency to checking and warping. Good results can only be achieved by very careful drying.


Surface finishing presents no difficulties, nitro varnishes and polishes are taken readily. Grinding dust can cause inflammation of the skin.


Screw and nail joints must be pre-drilled. Glue joints hold firmly.

Similar woods

Movingui, West Indian Satinwood (zanthoxylum flavum)


High quality architectural purposes, more in North America and Australia than in Europe.


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