Kleurschakeringen, nerven of reliëf. 
Elk fineer heeft zijn eigen verhaal.




Central America, South America
Central and north eastern parts of South America, particularly down the west coast of Nicaragua, but also in Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama. The Dalbergia hypoleuca is often listed as Cocobolo.


The heartwood is red to dark brown with black lines. Due to its high oil content the surface appears dense with waxy luster. An absolutely superior wood.


Due to its high density and interlocking grain this wood is very difficult to machine. Preference is to be given to carbide-tipped tools. Planed surfaces can be very smooth.

This wood can be dried only with the greatest care and pure precautions must be taken to obtain the final product free of checking. It is of advantage to season in log form.


In general surface treatment presents no problems. Since the wood darkens fast the use of UV-resistant varnishes is to be given preference.


Due to deposits in this wood it is extremely difficult to glue. Screw and nail joints hold well but pre-drilling is recommended.

Similar woods

Rio Rosewood, East Indian Rosewood, Santos Rosewood


Veneer for architectural woodwork or inlays, all kinds of handles, parts of woodwind instruments (but not for mouthpieces).


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