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Sliced veneer for faces, furniture, lining and panelling.



A very good and expensive veneer wood. Decorative and exclusive furniture often in the English style. Seldom possible to find clean, large surface veneer and thus often used as inlays to upgrade the value of furniture. Ideal wood also for high quality turneries and wood carvings.


European Oak

Sliced veneer for faces, wood for interior fixtures as veneer and as sawn wood for furniture, panelling, parquet and stairs, constructions lumber, fibre and chipboard.



Veneer for production of furniture and architectural purposes. The typical “snakeskin“ marking is brought about by slicing true quarters, where rays are cut at an angle of 180° to produce decorative ellipse-shaped figuring.



Sliced and peeled veneer. It is also used for doors, parquet, panelling and lining. Popular as solid wood for country-style furniture and rooms as well as for Scandinavian-style furniture.


Swiss Pear

Over the last five years Pear has become one of the most demanded veneer species in Europe. Used for bedroom furniture, living-room furniture, paneling and office furniture. Also used for highest quality interior fixtures for banks, insurances and other representative buildings.



For veneer, lumber, musical instruments, fruit crates, at present used as solid wood for furniture. Was considered to be an inferior wood not accepted by the furniture industry until the mid-nineties when it became fashionable.


French Walnut

Sliced veneer and lumber used in high quality architectural woodwork. Only of significance for mass-produced furniture in Southern Europe.


Italian Walnut

Sliced veneer and lumber used in high quality architectural woodwork. Only of significance for mass-produced furniture in Southern Europe.



High quality veneer for architectural and furniture purposes. Generally used for all wood products where particular importance is attached to the white colour. Very popular for solid tables in pubs, also for sports equipment and tool handles.


Olive Ash

Decorative veneer for interiors.


European Ash

Good veneer wood for furniture and interior decorating. Logs having an olive-colored heart (“Olive Ash”) as well as Ash burls are in specially high demand as Olive Ash. Also used as wood for sports equipment (parallel bars, etc. due to its high bending strength), gun stocks, tool handles and grips.



For veneer. Compared with other European species Beech is large in dimension (often 60 cm and more diameter). It is also used for furniture, parquet flooring and chipboard and is excellently suited for bending (seating furniture). Beech also is well-suited for work benches as well as being good construction lumber. One of the most used woods in Europe. In the veneer form it is produced as steamed, slightly steamed or white Beech. In the middle of the nineties Beech became a remarkably fashionable wood in the veneer and solid wood sectors.


Knotty Pine

Extremely versatile, for all interior and exterior purposes, for country–style furniture, high quality architectural purposes and exclusive hand worked cabinet making.


European Cherry

Excellent and very exclusive veneer wood for the furniture industry and interior fixtures. Popular parquetry wood also held in high esteem in the piano industry.



Face veneer, furniture, panelling, stairs, parquet, special wood for shipbuilding and pilings, lumber.



Greater significance as peeled Birch for furniture and panel industries (popular wood for bedrooms in the fifties). Also used fore table and chair production. Very popular in Germany for burning in open fire places. In larger dimensions ( seldom) also produced as sliced Birch. Most sliced Birch is “ Yellow Birch “ from the USA.


Riegel Ahorn

Logs free of defects are used for the production of exclusive veneers. Figured Sycamore veneers are mostly produced for the American and Asian markets as neither the European furniture trade nor the end users of that region accept the figured effect at the moment. Short lengths are sold as so-called “Fiddleback wood“ to musical instruments makers (for string instruments).

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