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Eucalyptus Pomelé


Australia, New Zealand and also in Spain today
Due to current plantation cultivation of Eucalyptus in North Western Spain and Portugal, Eucalyptus veneers are being produced for the domestic market there. Burl growth in Eucalyptus is very seldom, also in Australia and New Zealand . That is why this wood cannot be used for mass production but only for architectural woodwork.


The varieties extend from the pomele type to the distinct burl. Unlike other burl woods this does not occur through fine branch growth but is a pure growth characteristic of this tree, getting its burly appearance from the wavy course of the grain.


Due to the very dense and wavy grain it is not easy to machine . The wood splits very easily at the edges and when planning fibre pick-up occurs on the surface.

Drying is very difficult and extremely slow. When drying wood shrinkage is very high which leads to inner tension and surface checking. There is a strong tendency for the wood to warp.


Clear varnishes or polished surfaces are suitable to highlight the burly texture. These finishes are applied in the normal way.


Joints with glue, screws and nails are easy to produce and hold firmly.

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High quality architectural woodwork.


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