Cut from the best wood

Handed down from
generation to generation

Since 1903
Since 1903, the de Bruijn family has supplied veneers and wood to a wide variety of customers. In all these years, not only has a lot of knowledge about wood been accumulated, but also a stock of more than 100 types of veneer. Today, the 4th generation is at the helm, ensuring passion and knowledge and investing for the sake of the best veneers.

A serious specialist

Fibex is your address for expert advice and quality veneers.
Our in-house knowledge has been handed down from generation to generation. We are quite proud of that. On closer inspection, you will notice that you are dealing with serious specialists who have a very special passion for quality veneers.

Passion for finding
the best wood

Whatever the goal, our mission remains the same

With clients such as yacht building interior and exterior designers, home interior designers and furniture makers, we have had many different types of wood pass through our hands over the years. The purposes of wood vary, trends shift and supply changes. But one thing remains unchanged with us: the passion for finding the best wood.

passie voor fineer ambacht

Fibex has more to offer

Fibex is a consultant and supplier of veneers and sheet materials. But Fibex has more to offer…

  • Veneer: from 0,5 mm to 4 mm thickness
  • Panels
  • Solid wood panels
  • Most of all species in lumber
  • Burls veneer
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