Fascinatingly colourful structural images

Decorative and full of character

One of the most unusual veneers is burl wood veneer. The patterns, or perhaps rather the 'drawings' in the veneer, are fascinating.

The wide variety of colourful patterns makes burl wood veneer particularly special. We are not the only ones who think so; in fact, burl wood veneer is among the most decorative veneers in the world. You used to see it mostly in car interiors, tobacco pipe making and antique furniture. Nowadays, we see it reflected in exclusive design.

Deep colours and exclusive patterns

Burl wood veneer comes from the nodules or stumps growing under and outside the tree. 

These nodules deviate from the normal growth pattern of a tree, allowing them to take on extraordinary shapes which ultimately forms a fascinating structure.

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Expert eyes can find it

The areas in which trees with the required root nodules grow is very limited. Once burl wood is found, you still have to deal with its condition; the quality of its structure, beauty and colour. This means that the search has to be carried out by skilled experts with years of experience. Finding a good selection of burl wood nodules is a challenge every time.


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