We go for top-quality wood

The finesse of our trade

Any crease, grain or groove. Colour shade or relief. We look at all wood with a very keen and critical eye. It is precisely each detail that moves us to deliver the best wood to you. Fibex settles for less: we go for top-quality wood.

One of the challenges of the veneer trade is always to find the right logs from which the finest veneer can be made. Every log is different, even though you may be dealing with the same species. That quest means you need a lot of knowledge, patience and passion, which we have in abundance at Fibex. The passion for the craft is in the deepest grain.

The wonderful world
of our veneer

Looking for quality veneers? Then you want to be able to choose from a wide range of veneers. We understand that. That is why we travel around the world throughout the year to find the most beautiful logs. No country is too far for us. Whatever your project, Fibex advises and supplies the best wood to suit your product or design.

Each continent has its own climate and therefore its own types of trees. The quality, colours and grain that give the wood character are the main focal points in our search for the best wood.

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Our range has been selected with particular care and a focus on high quality. Because our stock consists of more than 100 types of wood, you always have an extensive choice of the best veneers.


Fibex often opts for sustainable wood and is officially FSC® certified. FSC works to protect and restore forests because they are essential for nature. So we can offer you sustainable timber.


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