Color shades, veins or relief. Each veneer has its own story.


Red Gum


South-eastern parts of the USA
From southern Connecticut to Central Florida, and up to eastern Texas. Grows up to 30 m tall with diameters reaching up to 90 cm. In its Growing region, a very frequent species ranking second in use among the American hardwoods, right after the Oak species.


The sapwood is cream-coloured and relatively uniform-looking; the heart Wood is of a reddish to dark-brown colour both of which can alternate Within one single log, this creating a beautiful marblelike effect. When Working up the sap and heart wood together, an extremely decorative result Is obtained. The heart wood often has a silky sheen.


The wood can easily be worked with all tools.

The wood is highly prone to checking and warping and drying must be done Slowly and carefully. Even after fitting-in, strong distortion of the wood May occur in case of variations in temperature.


No problem . The wood takes lacquers well.


Problem-free, including screw, nail and glue joints which all hold well.

Similar woods



In USA, it is an often used as commercial timber fro inexpensive furniture-veneered as well as made of solid wood- for plywood, fruit crates, paper production and barrels. Relatively unknown in Europe as veneer and seldom used for interior wood work.


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