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Veneer provides character

The beauty of veneers is that each type can have a very different look. We therefore go all over the world to find unique wood every time.
No two veneers are alike. Some veneers have such an extravagant colour, contrasting grain or very special colour shading that it stands out very nicely from the most common veneers. The more unique the wood species, the more character the veneer gives to each object.

Properties of veneer

One of the most useful properties of veneer is that it is highly resistant to warping and external influences.

Changing humidity has a detrimental effect on solid wood, whereas veneer glued to board material is affected very little or not at all. Here, however, it is important that the back of the veneered surface is also glued with a veneer of the same thickness. For example, plywood is based on this principle and is therefore a reliable sheet material.
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Thinly sliced sheets of wood

Depending on your project, you can determine which thickness is most appropriate. Fibex has veneers in stock of various thicknesses. The thicknesses vary from 0.5mm to 4mm. The available thickness of the veneer depends on the demand for it and the final application.

The wonderful world
of our veneer

Are you looking for quality veneers? Then you want to choose from a wide range of veneers. We understand that. That's why we travel around the world all year round to find the finest logs. No country is too far for us. Whatever your project, Fibex will advise and supply the best wood to suit your product or design.

Each continent has its own climate and therefore its own species of trees. The quality, colors and grain that give the wood character are the main focal points in our search for the best wood.

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