We proceed with attention and precision

The wishes are our guide

When a corporate client requests a specific product, a process of consideration and precision begins. This means that we put the desire and purpose of the project first.

A particular type of wood may already be in mind beforehand to suit the project in terms of colour. We take this as a guide in the search for the best veneer. After our search is complete, we compile samples of different veneers. This allows us to offer a tailor-made proposal and a choice of the finest veneers.

The possibilities are endless

Because our range includes more than 100 types of wood, we can offer a wide choice.

All those varieties also combine nicely. We like to think with you From experience, we can say that for a clear picture and an explanation, a visit to our warehouse works best. Together, we will then look at the veneers and  map out in detail which type of veneer is best for your project.
Voorraad fineerhandel Fibex

Overview & insight

In our warehouse, our stock is carefully arranged and sorted by type of wood, colour and pattern. So we know instantly how to find the right veneer and can show you the one that we think is most suitable for your project.


We are, of course, happy to answer them.

We are happy to contact you to help and to shape your project together.

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